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Gender Only Special $75 (Print the package page as coupon)
.Limited 2D ultrasound to identify the gender of your baby
.6 Black & White 2D Photos /1 free gift of 3D photo

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Since 2004, our center has been providing expectant couples the joy of providing keepsake images of their baby.  Giving couples the thrill of seeing their baby's features before they're born is a role our licensed & registered diagnostic sonographers have enjoyed.  In the past, ultrasound machines could only provide flat, black and white images.  Today, using state of the art ultrasound machines, we are now able to capture 3D images & 4D videos of a baby moving, yawning, swallowing, and sometimes sucking its thumb.  These images will allow you to "meet" your baby before he or she is even born.

The experience begins in our ultrasound scanning room.  You, and up to ten friends and family members, will watch on a big screen television as the sonographer scans your baby.  Depending upon how far along you are and how cooperative your baby is, we should be able to provide you with lots of images and videos of your baby.  The entire scan is recorded for you on a DVD and you will then be able to select specific photos for us to print and of you to take home at the end of the appointment.  Although these images do NOT replace the routine diagnostic medical ultrasound scan that is ordered by your doctor, our photos and videos will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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All scans performed by experienced registered sonographers in low power OB mode.
All ultrasound data is reviewed by our staff radiologist.
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